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Underpinning is the process of stabilising, strengthening or extending the depth of foundations.

Large areas of London are built on clay, which shrinks in Summer and expands in Winter, the movement of London clay can cause foundation instability and may result in the fracturing of foundations and masonry.
Additional reasons why underpinning is required in London include:
  • Change in the useage of structures in London; adding additional storeys or other loadings may require foundation improvements such as underpinning. 
  • Changes in the strata below the building; alterations in the water table in London can weaken or form voids below foundations, leaking drains and sewers. 
  • Inadequate original foundations; Foundations that were not deep enough or did not bare down onto solid strata can weaken over time causing settlement. 
  • The forming of basements; basements invariably require adjacent walls to be extended down. The extension of existing foundations to enable basements to be constructed is the most common reason for us to underpin foundations in London. 
Bespoke Building Services are experienced underpinning specialists who carry out all types of underpinning, including:
  • Traditional underpinning: Excavating below an existing foundation and form an extension of the existing concrete foundation. This can be done to extend the foundation down to better strata or to enable the construction of basements, this is our most common form of underpinning in London. 
  • Resin injected underpinning: Injecting resins under pressure into the ground beneath failed foundations, ground bearing slabs or roads to strengthen the ground below, preventing further movement. This process is less disruptive than traditional underpinning, resin underpinning is also the fastest form of underpinning. 
  • Resin injected lifting: Injecting resins below foundations, slabs or roads that expand and lift the concrete above under controlled conditions. As with resin underpinning, this process can be fast and minimises disruption. 
  • Engineered underpinning: Engineered underpinning refers to a range of bespoke underpinning solutions designed by Structural Engineers, generally incorporating reinforced concrete beams and mini-piles.
Our Clients include Insurance Companies, Loss Adjusters, Corporate Clients, Builders and Developers and Private Homeowners.
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