we also specialise in conservation damp proofing, and we will always recommend a treatment plan

Basement damp proofing in London

The causes of damp in London basements

Large areas of West London are built on historic flood plains and the older properties, which were built to dated standards, struggle to deal with the exceptionally damp subterranean conditions. Older properties have little protection against rising damp, penetrative damp or rising damp.

Modern home improvements, including double glazing and the removal of fireplaces, hamper natural ventilation, this can be a major contributor towards condensation, the most common form of damp in London properties.

Global warming with hotter summers and wetter, wilder winters are making heavy rainfall and flooding more regular. Floods and torrential rains are becoming commonplace, so if you live in an older property you probably need to consider your damp proofing. 

We also specialise in conservation damp proofing, and we will always recommend a treatment plan which respects your property and minimises disruption.

London basement damp treatment

The appropriate treatment depends on the nature of the damp problem. Condensation is the most common form of damp in London basements, treatment requires better ventilation and heating, we can install our silent 24hr a day, low energy fans that generate constant air changes, pulling the damp air out of the structure. Increasing the temperature can be achieved through better insulation, double glazing windows and using a better form of heating.

Penetrative damp and rising damp can be cured using traditional DPC injection and or tanking slurry. We hack off the existing plaster and coat the exposed brickwork with multiple layers of a damp proofing slurry that forms a watertight barrier. We then apply a sand and cement wall render and a plaster skim coat leaving the walls ready for painting.

Basement tanking

Tanking as its name suggests is the creation of an unbroken waterproof tank or lining to an area of a building which is commonly under ground. The tank is formed by the application of waterproof material to the walls and the floors of the structure, either internally or externally and it effectively stops damp rising or penetrating the structure.   The tanking can be formed using either multiple coats of our specialist cementitious slurry system, or a cavity drain system.

Tanking slurry is often the ideal choice for existing properties, alternatively the cavity drain tanking system is normally the appropriate tanking solution for new build basements.
To create a cavity drain, our studded membranes are fixed to the substrate which incorporates drainage channels and gullys that discharge the water into a drain or sump pump. The membrane joints are heat welded to ensure a waterproof seal and once completed the membrane forms a dry envelope that can be dry lined and internally finished to suit each client’s requirements.
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